Welcome to dj-webmachine’s documentation!

webmachine provides a REST toolkit based on Django. It’s heavily inspired on webmachine from Basho.

dj-webmachine is an application layer that adds HTTP semantic awareness on top of Django and provides a simple and clean way to connect that to your applications’ behavior. dj-webmachine also offers you the possibility to build simple API based on your model and the tools to create automatically docs and clients from it (work in progress).


Resource oriented

A dj-webmachine application is a set of Resources objects, each of which is a set of methods over the state of the resource.

from webmachine import Resource

class Hello(Resource):

    def to_html(self, req, resp):
        return "<html><body>Hello world!</body></html>\n"

These methodes give you a place to define the representations and other Web-relevant properties of your application’s resources.

For most of dj-webmachine applications, most of the Resources instance are small and isolated. The web behavior introduced by directly mapping the HTTP make your application easy to debug and read.

Simple Routing

Combinating the power of Django and the resources it’s relatively easy to buid an api. The process is also eased using the WM object. dj-webmachine offer a way to create automatically resources by using the route decorator.

from webmachine.ap import wm

import json
def hello(req, resp):
    return "<html><p>hello world!</p></html>"

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